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We make Science Sensor Activity Kits for young kids!

Magnetic Forces

    Tune Up    

Sun Paint and Beads

Hot or Not

Hands-on materials for pre-K to grade 3 to stimulate fine motor skills, senses and inquiry.

The Class Room Size contains 5 times the quantity as the individual size and include laminated instruction cards and pre-K activities.

Magnetic Forces
Feel the forces and learn about magnets. Make funny magnetic fields. Contains magnetic wand, 4 ring magnets with stand, magnetic doodle, instructions teacher notes and standards.

#850           $15.00 

Class Size   #850-CS      $58.00 

Tune Up

Make it ring with the right swing. Feel the vibration and learn about sound energy. Contains tuning fork, wood block, plastic tube, sand, cups and instructions.

Tune Up  #950   $15.00

                  Class Size    #950-CS       $58.00

Hot or Not

Measure temperature with liquid crystals. See who is hot and who's cool! Contains 2 Fickle-Foams, liquid crystal thermometer, cups, rubber bands and instructions.

#2750    $15.00


Class Size  #2750-CS      $58.00